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Delicious Custom Cakes, Unique Chocolate Arrangements, Cupcakes and Cake Pops For All Occasions!  Birthday Cakes, Wedding Cakes, Baby Shower, Bridal Shower and More. Special Celebrations Always Deserve Homemade Desserts with Quality Ingredients by Delightful Sweet Treats. 
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Flower Cupcake

Ariel Birthday Cake - Theme Cake

Weddings, birthdays, showers etc. can be a very exciting time.  The lead up to a special occasion can have all kinds of anticipation and excitement, it's the party with a unique cake and presents along with our friends and family that we all look forward to.

When it comes to your special day, Delightful Sweet Treats has all kinds of cakes and cake ideas for everyone of all ages. A homemade, custom themed cake and everything in between allows you to have exactly what you want in terms of flavour and design. Whatever the idea or theme there is a fun creative cake that can be made to impress your guests on your special day.